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Requiescat In Pace

Founding partners, Tim Layman, Steve Kennealy and Jack Shannon Scott have passed away. May they rest in peace. Our condolences go out to their families and friends. They are greatly missed. 

The pub is also but a memory. I'm reviving this web site as a memorial to them. 

Visit the Memories of Tim Layman page for images of happier times. (Pages for Steve & Shannon are in the works. Now where did I leave that Round Tuit?)

"I had a bottle of the Father, smoked from the Son, had a shot of the Spirit. You see how religious that I am. That's the Holy Trinity" - 'Higher Ground', Bonebag


Jack Shannon Scott and Tim LaymanJack Shannon Scott and Steve KennealyJack Shannon Scott

Kennealys Pub lives on in the spirit of the survivors. Remember happier daze ;-)>>

Sorry everyone, we're closed. Thanks for your patronage

The dream is over, what can I say - John Ono Lennon

Well by now you've probably figured out that Kennealy's Pub has closed. Right now it exists only in cyberspace.

But, is it over? Is there any hope? Here's what Steve Kennealy has to say:

I'm glad everyone loved the pub. So did I!
We will be opening under the same name and venue, hopefully, within six to twelve months.

That was not to be.

This is a place that defies meaning...Love does matter. It's the only thing that matters...If you want to make a difference in your life, and others, please frequent Kennealy's pub. It can stay beautiful with your help. Steve and Tim have big hearts and they want to share them with you...Change is strange but the road less traveled?..May Kennealy's pub live forever!!!
jack shannon scott

Grab your favorite beverage, sit down at the keyboard, explore our web site and relive the memories of happier days at K's Pub. The Photo Album has pictures from the pub.  Visit the Links page for links to web sites of our friends and other links of interest. Use the Guest Book to keep in touch with everyone.

Kennealy's Pub (in historic Soulard CyberSpace)
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